The 2020 World Blackball Championships in Geelong Australia was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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A tremendous amount of work went into the preparation of the 2020 Championships including substantial sponsorship… so despite the event’s cancellation the website pages relating to the event have been retained as a thank you to all involved.

Here’s a summary of what players, officials and spectators could have looked forward to in November 2020.

Overview of the 2020 Championships

The 2020 World Blackball Championships will be the eighth in the series of biennial tournaments.
Past individual and team champions are listed on this website

This tournament will bring hundreds of the world’s best pool players to Australia.
In addition to the players’ families and friends there will be support personnel present to ensure the smooth running of the Championships.
Events will run from Friday 20th until the 27th November.

As always there will be events in which both individual players and teams compete.
The competition categories are…

  • Men
  • Ladies
  • Seniors
  • Masters
  • Learning Disability
  • Wheelchair
  • Under-23

A booklet has been prepared for those attending the Championships.
It provides information about the host City of Greater Geelong and includes guidance for those planning the trip.

The booklet includes important content concerning visa requirements.
Copies of visas must be with the Championship organisers no later than 31st July, 2020.
That coincides with the closing date for the submission of team entries.

There are no restrictions on where to stay during the Championships and there’s an excellent choice of accommodation in Geelong.
That includes hotels, motels, holiday houses and self-contained apartments.

In celebration of the Championships a selection of merchandise is available including polo shirts, track jackets, hoodies, beanies and a World Championships stubby holder.
All profits from sales will help to fund the running of the World Championships.

The photograph below was taken on Geelong’s waterfront.
From left to right, local blackball pool player Jakk Phillips, Mark Cottingham (President of Blackball International) and Bruce Harwood, the Mayor of Geelong.
Additionally, in the form of lifesavers, three of the city’s many famous bollard sculptures.
The photographer was Pam Hutchinson.
Our thanks and appreciation go to the City of Greater Geelong for all they have done as hosts for the tournament.

world blackball championships 2020 Geelong Australia

We are delighted to say that several sponsorship packages are already in place.
We believe this event provides tremendous opportunity to sponsor a major international cue sports tournament to the mutual benefit of both the Championships and sponsors.
If interested in a sponsorship package do please email the President of Blackball International Mark Cottingham to discuss what options are available.

Arrangements have been made for the closing ceremony immediately following the Championships.
That ceremony, which includes the presentation of awards, will held be on Saturday 28th November 2020 at the Geelong Rydges.

The Geelong Arena

The 2020 World Blackball Championships will be played in the spacious Geelong Arena.
It is the regions largest multi-use sports and entertainment venue.
The Arena has fully licensed catering facilities and is conveniently situated for public transport.

world blackball championships 2020 Geelong Arena

The City of Geelong

Geelong is one of the largest and dynamic of Australia’s regional centres.
It is a port city which also boasts excellent access by road, rail and air.
The population is in excess of 250,000.
Geelong is located in the southern Australian state of Victoria approximately one hour’s travel by train from the state capital of Melbourne.

Geelong was named in 1827.
The name is derived from the local Wathaurong Aboriginal word for the region, “Djillong”.
It is thought to mean land or cliffs.

Geelong has a long and proud history as a creative city and leader in design.
From the region’s Aboriginal heritage to textiles and wool production, automotive manufacturing and surf culture, design is embedded in the City of Geelong.

There is much to see and do, both by day and night.

The Geelong Heritage Centre (The Dome) is a fantastic new feature designed to provide a unique visitor experience.
The Botanic Gardens and Eastern Park provide tranquil surroundings next to the city centre.
Barwon Grange and the river walk offer a glimpse of an era when Geelong was the centre of Victoria’s wool industry.

It’s impossible to travel in Geelong without encountering the ubiquitous bollard sculptures which are synonymous with the City.
Commissioned in 1995 the bollards commemorate quirky and important figures and happenings from Geelong’s colourful history.

Geelong has a nightlife which gives visitors ample opportunity to party!
Many of the nightclubs are located towards the beachfront near the hotels and restaurants.
So there’s certainly no shortage of clubs and bars to choose from that will remain open throughout the night.

Here are some photographs taken in and around Geelong.