#1. What are the external dimensions of tables on which the game of blackball pool is normally played?

#2. Who has won the men's individual World Blackball Championship title AND competed in the Mosconi Cup?

#3. Two object balls are legally potted in a combination shot. What term is used to describe this in blackball?

#4. Which of the United Kingdom nations has won (in total) the most team events at the World Blackball Championships?

#5. Following any 'standard' foul committed during a frame of blackball pool the referee should immediately call out?

#6. As a skilled player you no doubt put 'side' on the cue ball. What is the equivalent term in the USA?

#7. By winning the Men's 'B' Team Final at the 2019 Nations Cup in Cyprus what country secured its first international tournament victory?

#8. On the break in a frame of blackball pool the black ball is potted. What is the consequence?

#9. In which African country were the 2008 World Blackball Pool Championships held?

#10. The 2022 World Blackball Championships were held in which country?

The correct answer is that the official 2022 World Blackball Championships were held in Morocco.




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