Blackball Referees Calling Procedures

This website provides a summary of blackball rules, a visual guide and links to a blackball rules poster as a PDF file.
Here we have the referees ‘Calling Procedures‘ for the game of blackball pool.


Upon questioning by a player during a frame of blackball pool the ‘Past Present and Future‘ rule permits a referee to communicate certain information about past or present play.

For example a referee may respond to questions such as these…
“Wasn’t that a foul?” (Past Event)
“Is it my turn to play?” (Present Event)
“What colour am I on?” (Present Event)

A referee will advise a player that referees are not permitted to answer questions relating to a ‘Future Event‘.
Consequently a referee would explain to a player that it is not possible to answer a question such as…
“If I play this shot is it a foul?”

Referee’s instructions can be downloaded as a PDF file for printing.