Vincent Pillay President

A welcome message from the President of Blackball International.

Good Day !

My name is Vincent Pillay.
My family, wife and 2 daughters and I live in Richards Bay, North of Durban in the sunny province of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa.
I am currently President of Blackball South Africa and also President of our Pool umbrella body called South African Pool Union (SAPU) which houses Blackball, Heyball, 9-Ball and Artistic Pool disciplines.
I started in pool administration in 2017 but have been involved in sports administration most my adult life.

President Vincent Pillay

It is truly an honour to have been elected as President of Blackball International and although it may seem an accomplishment or an achievement, I look at it as a challenge.
The sport has had its challenges in the past few years and requires all the boxes to be ticked and the organisation to be running at full capacity.
My challenge and vision is to create greater unity in the sport of Blackball and to foster better opportunities for more participants.

We have just completed the foundation phase of rebuilding and reinvigorating our sport by starting with establishing proper credentials for BI as a company.
We have already garnered interest from new members and look to bring more countries into the fold of the organisation.
Modus Operandi will be to go back to basics, and do what we need to do, but do it right and do it properly.

I am very excited to embark on the next phase with the organisation and to meet the many pool players from across the globe.
We will work tirelessly to deliver outcomes this sport so greatly deserves.


Vincent Pillay