The Hawley World Cup

In December 2019 Blackball International announced a new international team tournament.
It is named The Hawley World Cup.

Hawley World Blackball Pool Cup

It had been intended that the inaugural tournament was to be held in 2021 and thereafter biennially… this was necessarily cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Every national organisation who’s members play pool to blackball rules will be invited to send a team.
Individual national teams of eleven will comprise of players from the following categories in the numbers shown…

  • Men (3)
  • Ladies (2)
  • Seniors (2)
  • Masters (2)
  • Under-18 (2)

Teams may include a single reserve from each of the five player categories.
Note that Senior players are 50 years of age and over.
Masters are 60 years and over.
Players may compete against those of other nations regardless of the player category into which they fall.

The precise format will of course depend upon the number of teams participating but it is anticipated that the event will be run along the following lines.
It is thought that teams will form two league groups.
All eleven frames will be played out in each group match.
Depending upon their performance in the group stage, teams will then proceed to a knock-out event to determine The Hawley World Cup championship team!

The tournament has been described as Blackball International’s version of the Mosconi Cup.
It is named in memory of the late Peter Hawley.

Peter Hawley was Vice-President and Treasurer of the World Pool-Billiard Association and pioneered the introduction of blackball pool.
A great ambassador and tireless worker for the sport of blackball pool, Peter was also President of the All Africa Pool Association.

Blackball International has invited bids to host the The Hawley World Cup in 2021 and 2023.
The deadline for submission of bids is 30th September, 2020.

The tender documentation in PDF format provides full details of what is required from those wishing to host the tournament.