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Zaks Custom Cues specialise in the creation of unique, high quality cues made to each customer’s precise specifications.
Zaks Cues are handcrafted for those players who want the very best!

It will come as no surprise then that Blackball International is thrilled to announce that Zaks Custom Cues has agreed to become a major sponsor of the 2020 World Blackball Championships in Australia.

Browse through the photographs on Zaks Custom Cues website and Facebook pages to see the many different designs and timber combinations which contribute to making every customer’s cue unique.

Zaks Custom Pool Cues sponsor World Blackball Championships 2020

Purchase a custom made cue and you can safely assume…

  • Your cue will be the only one of its kind.
  • It will be visually stunning.
  • The cue was created with playability as a priority.
  • It has been built with superior craftsmanship.
  • There’s a perfect combination of density and flex in the cue shaft.
  • The finest balance has been achieved ensuring effortless delivery of power.

Zaks Custom Cues is a 100% Australian owned company and Zak, the proprietor, has in excess of 30 years experience in the trade.
He is master of all things timber!

In addition Zaks Custom Cues has such confidence in the excellence of their products that they come with a life time warranty against manufacturing and component defects.