Simonis Cloth logo world blackball pool championships 2020

When it comes to fast playing pool cloths Simonis are known throughout the world as being of the very finest quality.
Their cloth has been used in most major American Pool tournaments and they are renowned worldwide as sponsors of the game.

That international presence has now exploded into a new phenomenon with the introduction of the incredible Simonis “Strachan” 861 pool cloth designed specifically for use with the ‘small-table’ game of eight-ball pool.

Blackball International are delighted to announce that the ‘powder blue’ Simonis 861 pool cloth will be the covering for the Blackball Tables at the 2020 World Blackball Championships in Australia.

Simonis Cloth 861 world blackball pool championships 2020 sponsor

Here you see the Simonis 861 cloth covering in use.
This fabric is fast and gives a consistent ball response uninfluenced by nap or directional finish of the surface.
The 861 also lasts longer than conventional cloth, requiring very little maintenance.
It has a liquid resistant finish.

In addition Simonis have developed a cleaning tool which replaces the conventional brush and removes chalk deposits instantly to keep the cloth looking good for longer.