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Blackball Tables Australia sponsor the World Blackball Championships and no fewer than 44 Elite Blackball Tables will be installed in the Geelong Arena at that event in November 2020.

The Elite table was developed in conjunction with pool legend and multiple World Champion, Ross McInnes.
It was designed to internationally approved specifications and features the tighter cut of pockets favoured for international blackball events.

Blackball Tables Australia supply two variations of pool table.
The Elite, which will be used at the World Championships, and The Club.
The Club features a standard pocket size and is intended for the less serious player in pubs and clubs and for domestic use.

Our tables are built by the skilled craftsmen of Optima Pool.
Optima is the leading UK manufacturer of championship quality pool tables.
Tables come fitted with Hainsworth Match tournament cloth as standard.

The rails of the Elite 7 X 4 feet free-play tables are uniquely secured with twelve quick-release custom fittings.
This ensures that the ball response on all cushions is always uniform. In addition to the tighter pockets, the Elite is designed to reduce ball bounce-outs from pockets to an absolute minimum.

Here are specifications for both Elite and Club tables…

  • Domestic – free play with ball return system
  • Mechanical – mechanically coin-operated
  • Multi Coin – electronically coin-operated with a free play button option
  • Interchangeable drawer units
  • Secure cash storage unit
  • Precision 19mm ground slate
  • Aluminium slate levelling system
  • Tables fitted with corner slate support fillets
  • Metal chrome top frame corner
  • Adjustable metal feet for ease of table levelling
  • Supplied with balls, 2 cues, triangle and chalk

7 Feet Table :
Overall dimensions 2140mm x 1220mm.
Playing surface 1820mm x 910mm.
Slate 19mm x 1905mm.

6 Feet Table :
Overall dimensions 1910mm x 1140mm.
Playing surface 1600mm x 820mm.
Slate 19mm x 1676mm.

Manufactured in eight decors :
Black, White, Walnut, Dark Walnut, Winchester Oak, Silver Oak, Sealand Pine and McGoldrick Marble.
Bespoke colours available as an option.

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Contact Mark Cottingham by email or phone 0448 378 872

Here Blackball tables are pictured installed in a pool hall, looking good and ready for action!

Blackball Pool Tables Australia World Blackball Championships 2020 sponsor