The official scoring system for the World Blackball Championships in 2020 in Geelong Australia is LeagueAppLive.

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Originally created for the European Blackball Championships four years ago, over 90 leagues across the sports of pool, darts and snooker are currently using the software.

LeagueAppLive is the preferred scoring system for Blackball International, European Blackball Association, Scottish Pool Association, Scottish Snooker County Championships, English Blackball Pool Federation and Dublin Superleague.

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League App Live World Blackball Championships 2020

The system has been widely adopted in England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Gibraltar and Cyprus.
And here’s why…

  • LeagueAppLive completely eliminates the hassle and frustration of organising a league schedule.
  • LeagueAppLive enables League or Tournament organisers to show ‘live’ scores throughout a competition.
  • LeagueAppLive completely automates scoring so organisers can just sit back and enjoy running the league.
  • LeagueAppLive can be used for Team or Individual Leagues and for Tournaments.
  • Just share your Team or Player details and we’ll set up all the competitions, divisions and fixtures for you.
  • Match and Player statistics are automatically generated by the cloud based server programs.
  • LeagueAppLive can automatically generate fixtures taking into account shared venues.
  • Match scores and stats are all ‘live’ and can be shared via email or on websites and social media.

League App Live latest version

Version 2 of the software is now available on Google Play and Apple App Store … and don’t forget LeagueAppLive is a fully serviced app which means everything is set up on behalf of its users.

All you need to do is send us the name of your league, your list of teams, players, venues and the season’s calendar.
We’ll upload all details to your sport specific portal and launch your league app.

Access and manage your LeagueAppLive from desktops, mobiles and tablets. Share results, match and player stats, fixtures and venues with all participants and fans!

LeagueAppLive enhances participation and excitement levels for friends, relatives and audiences involved in blackball events.